23 November 2009

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I'll be posting a lot more of my random gibberish thoughts there. I'll keep most of my music posts here.

12 November 2009

Avatar Machine Design Museum - Designers in residence 2009 from MARC OWENS on Vimeo.

the human eye is spherical and envelopes a spherical image, but your brain tells you no, it doesn't. you can best take part in the way the eye really sees by approaching a very straight and long wall that has parallel lines adorned and best approached if said lines are at eye level. approach the wall perpendicularly with one eye closed and you will see that the wall curves away as if peering into a fish eye lens.

28 October 2009

14 September 2009

10 September 2009

17 August 2009

anyone else feel most motivated some time past 3am when you can sense the mist of the night seeping into your window and making your panes moist to perhaps lie peacefully as the sun rises and slowly evaporates it from our understanding of existence?

for some reason I've neglected music entirely from my life for the past few months. instead I've devoted my time to reading philosophy and taking notes about my ideas about these things, spending time with my beloved girlfriend and working a really bad job as I search for a better, more stable and suitable place of employment that will maintain my way of life and bills until I find it time to advance my career further. I've done other things here and there - some intense, marijuana induced nights of philosophically motivated discussion that weaved through subjects like the thread of a very desperate blind man frantically sewing his torn uniform.

but personally, I know music means a lot to me. music has been there during very dramatic and important moments in my life, and drove my emotions and imagination away from reality into the realm of colorful mountains and kind lions. and sitting here, capable of stepping aside to objective examine my situation, I still stand perplexed. I can find very obvious reasons for my departure from such a beautiful habit of human communication and creation, but still remain confused and surprised.

I've traveled such departures previously in my life, but those were much shorter than the present one. I hope to soon find myself driven to engage with the conversation of music, to fall gracefully into the arms of some giant peaceful tree with eyes closed and ears open. The last time I returned it was very moving, and I expect my coming return to be as equal or much, much greater; I expect the latter with glee.

31 July 2009

13 July 2009

I realized that I enjoy writing letters to people. I enjoy making postcards out of cheap Walgreens/CVS/Target cardstock and mailing them to people. I enjoy these things because getting things in the mail will never be replaced by something else, that getting something in the mail is always a wonderful experience. Is it localized to "civilized" society? Maybe. All I know is that I enjoy getting things in the mail.

I do follow this blog, as you can see from recent posts. I check for new comments, I look at the blogs that I follow. I know people come here, be it for whatever reason, and I know some of those people enjoy the kinds of things that I enjoy. I'm slowly adapting to adultwhiteamericanmale society, and I'm beginning to understand how to entirely reject it.

So that's the reason for this post.

If you want me to mail you something, send an email to lookatyourshoe@yahoo.com with the subject as, but not necessarily limited to, "MAIL MAIL REQUEST." Yes, that's two "MAIL"'s. In the email itself, obviously include the address to which you'd like me to reply.

What I'll be sending is up in the air. If you're lucky enough for me to choose your address, if you're lucky enough to catch me just at the right time, you might get a 10 page diatribe on consciousness and how humans fail to adapt to their own concepts. If you catch me at another time, you might get a 5"x5" postcard with a doodle and a note.

Thanks and I'm looking forward to this little engagement of mine to you.
Where is literature going and why is it going in that direction?

Growing up I always felt detached from history, unable, at all, to become a part of it, that today is just today and it will not become history. History has already happened and it will not ever happen again. But I grew older and realized, in a very dramatic moment, that history never was, that human beings make it up because of our sense of time as linear. We are born, we do some things, and then we die. Some times these things are significant to other people, some times these things are significant to ourselves. Some times these things are both, or neither, but any way you approach it - any way you attempt to define it, to brush it up, to polish it, or to throw it away and destroy it - our conscious experience decays and no longer sustains itself. Our bodies continue to be, but only in many other forms: a rock, a baby bird, a fig tree, a gust of wind, a scientific experiment with magnesium, a foundation for a self built house. I realized that history is always occurring, that the word "history" itself is nothing but a human concept, that it is a word to describe the development of human beings with other human beings. "History" is human beings with other human beings.

Then what? Sociology, psychology, philosophy, architecture, science, literature, terrorism, etc. Tools, senses. Things to further our reach into the depth of the universe, into its crevices and around its edges. We're here, and we're here together.

Alright? Alright.

So, the development of literature is pushed by forces explained by some listed, some not. History books of the future will say that the popular opinion of the time, specific socioeconomic conditions shaped the prevalence of popular genres of literature in 2009. And here we are, blind to these forces because they don't really exist.
It's pretty weird that:

a.) as a child, I had to get glasses, in general, and being ridiculed for it
b.) having to worsen this situation because I had to choose from the "insurance" rack of styles, the styles for which insurance would either help to pay or pay entirely, which furthered the ridicule
c.) people today spend hundreds of dollars to achieve the "look" I was forced to have

10 July 2009

'sup, George W. "Big Brother" Bush

Gotta love extensive surveillance programs snooping American citizens enacted solely by their own president.

And while the public is just beginning to find out about this from mainstream media, the Obama administration continues many Bush administration surveillance programs.

01 July 2009

Media - especially the internet - further establishes just how real beginnings and ends are to human beings.

I can much more easily set up for myself a schedule that runs from the present moment to my very death; it makes life seem so fragile and temporary, and shows how desparate one can become in attempts to create a life one wants to live.
The argument set forth by big music corporate, "Every pirate would have paid for every file they illegally downloaded," is hogwash stupidity.

29 June 2009

Nels Cline and Devin Sarno - Buried on Bunker Hill

At long last, I was able to find a digital copy of this glorious collaborative album between guitar god Nels Cline and noise god Devin Sarno.

Pixels are digitized representation of a small portion of reality, existing as a color created by a program that finds the correct color that goes with the corresponding six number and letter code.

Attempting to shape the world through these is futile. It is like trying to accurately explain taste through metaphor--although, with talent, one can nearly encompass the entirety of a taste, like a pixelated image, one can never fully reach its borders and trace such a taste verbatim.

After experiencing these past few days in 80% wilderness, I find reality nearly impossible for human beings to entirely explain. We'll come across highly accurate explanations of the slow path of giant cosmic behemoths, we'll enjoy reading a portrait of modern man. But we, humanity, will never fully understand anything.

Until our brains or senses, quite possibly both, advance to a higher stage of evolutionary development, our grasp of the universe will be a slippery one, as if our hands are drenched in the oils that our own bodies produce.

11 June 2009

I've always thought it was miserable that we take the supposed best and brightest in society, charge them up to $60,000 a year in fees, then put them to work for four years on producing busywork that no one -- not them, not their profs, not other scholars -- actually wants to read. Might as well get them to spend four years carving detailed models of ships from sweet potatoes (and then bury the potatoes).
-Cory Doctorow
Quite right. This excerpt is from a blog post of his regarding the dispute between a programming student and his professor about his professor giving him a failing grade in the course for posting his program online for everyone else to read and learn from.

Here. Pretty cool stuff.

04 June 2009

24 May 2009


I've neglected this blog. I apologize. I graduated, and since then I've been focusing on reading, writing, and finding a job that will provide adequate living conditions.

I might post some things here and there, but I might not.

06 May 2009

Up-and-coming writers:

How to win literary contests:

1.) Abide by the popular standard short story/poem/novel rubric as closely as possible.
2.) Win the contest, if you've followed said rubric closely and accurately enough.
Apparently, quite a few links of mine are broken.

Comment on this post regarding any broken links, and I'll reupload and relink them posthaste.

I'm Granulated

26 April 2009

A steel balloon floats in an atmosphere of gold.
Language allows culture to exist.

21 April 2009


18 April 2009

Black Moth Super Rainbow - Eating Us

Leakage of the new BMSR collected into a bowl and provided here for your slurping pleasure.

Don't forget to wash up.

07 April 2009

I'll take a quick break from my studies for a few things.

Firstly, thanks to that person who had a vinyl edition of Rise Pumpkin Rise they didn't mind selling.

Secondly, if you're reading this, you probably download music online. If you use Firefox, get the addon Skipscreen. Skipscreen forces any download link associated with a timer to skip directly to the download link, allowing you to never again wait 30-110 seconds to receive the download link.

Have a good day.

20 March 2009

...and I've decided to devote at least 51% of my capacities to outlining a novel.

I'm just too sick of the way things are and I want to take handfuls of that dust and blow it in their faces. They may tumble down those stairs dangerously and blame me for any injuries they may struggle with and try hard to ignore it ever happened, but the bump on their heads will remind them of the truth and what really happened that they cannot avoid.
Damn, am I getting tired of this dirty society. The beautiful polished corners are available to those with the biggest stairs and why bother when all they do is go up there and polish the corners more instead of getting up there and taking a look at all of the dust.

15 February 2009

Nels Cline - Coward

Don't know how many times I'll talk about it, but man, Nels Cline is awesome. His skills as a musician always surprise and astound me. Here's his most recent solo release from Feb. 10 of this year of our lord 2009.

Coward is an excellent example of a lovely marriage between jazz acoustic guitar and experimental/noise electronics. Although the acoustic guitar plays as the protagonist, the use of electronics is not easily overlooked. This shit rules.

EDIT: I've reuploaded the album. Sorry about the previous broken zip file!

Part 1. (Re-Uploaded)
Part 2. (Re-Uploaded)

Nels Cline & Devin Sarno - Rise Pumpkin Rise

Upon searching diligently for Buried on Bunker Hill by Nels Cline and Devin Sarno, I found out about this earlier recorded album by them that is also an awesome collaboration between two talented musicians from different backgrounds to create an awesome noise/experimental album.

EDIT/ADDITIONAL INFO: I found out that this album was a limited pressing in 1998. Boy, what I'd do to get my hands on this album.

Rise Pumpkin Rise.

13 February 2009

MGR - Nova Lux

Have I said I love solo albums? The idea that one guy sits down and builds an album on his own just makes an album more of an album, to me.

Nova Lux is a solo album by Mike Gallagher, a guitarist of Isis. Tiny Mix Tapes reviewed this album and says this about it:
As guitarist for the imposing doom metal outfit Isis, Mike Gallagher has developed a style characterized by dense, sustained textures coupled with a penchant for the subtle melodicism associated with the post-Sabbath riff. His solo project, MGR (the acronym for Mustard Gas and Roses, which Gallagher has borrowed from a line of Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse Five), is far from the drone/doom of his full-time job, however. Though more closely aligned with the post-rock of Tarentel, Labradford, Flying Saucer Attack, and the like, MGR’s debut full-length Nova Lux is an emotionally charged amalgamation of sounds that, much to its credit, refuses to fit neatly into any particular category.

Travel through the wires on an electric horse.

Predator Vision - II

Excellent jams. Thanks to Moral Adventure.

Brother, give me your Four-track Recorder.

Ecstatic Sunshine - Freckle Wars and Way

A few blogs have been uploading these guys' albums weirdly around the same time for no sound reason. Anyway, I found out about them recently and liked it a lot, so here you go.

Freckle Wars is just two guitars going nuts with one another, while Way sounds like it's by a completely different band whose style is much more electronic and ambient. Both albums rule.

Freckle Wars


The Gentleman Losers - The Gentleman Losers

Well executed electronic post-rock kind of stuff. A little less talented than the Mercury Program, but still around those lines. Thanks to Moral Adventure.


09 February 2009

Eric Copeland's Solo Material

I love solo albums, especially noise solo albums. Eric Copeland is one of today's leading artists of this genre, and I decided to take a short break from my school work and make a post in which all of his solo material is collected and is made available for download. Thanks to Exp Etc and CUM HORIZON for making available albums of his I did not know existed as well as albums that I just didn't have on my new computer I use more frequently for music related things:



Alien in a Garbage Dump

RGAG (no specific album art; was released as a limited CDr)

And Exp Etc has revealed another very limited and mysterious release by Copeland that was completely unknown to me and many others. I have yet to listen to it, but according to Exp Etc:
yeah, it's real. i've never seen one out. it's a lathe cut though, so you can't play it too much and it might be overplayed as is? also, it's harsh shit. totally rulin, but a heavy listen. Eric Copeland

I've yet to listen to it, but I'm pretty pumped and confident that it will rule ass as every other Copeland release does.

Catsup Plate Lathe Cut 12"

Enjoy, all.

08 February 2009

One life, one chance.

01 February 2009

video games are awesome

Three older albums you need.

Breaking from the posting of this blog for some time made me not only lose my connection with newer music but also rehashed my love for some older albums from years past. These are three I have been listening to for some time and I think that you should listen to them, and buy them, as well.

Hypermagic Mountain by Lightning Bolt

Ratatat by Ratatat

The Eraser by Thom Yorke

It took me forever to find a digital copy of this Ratatat album online, so please be thankful that I'm making it accessible to you folks.

25 January 2009

Stop complaining about not being able to do what you really want to do and just do what you want to do.
Do not hesitate to, once in a while, do absolutely nothing.

i'm graduating at

the end of this semester so please understand my lack of recent posts.

Updates will happen but very sparingly, and probably not as 'obscure' as usual, due to my lack of time to search the dark deep black depths of the internet.

I have a bunch of shit to do before I graduate -- compile 50 pages worth of fiction and non-fiction prose, poetry, essays, and journalism; complete a thesis on contemporary views of consciousness, focusing primarily on the work of Dan Dennett; and partake in three lengthy and well researched presentations on literary periodization, literary genre and literary criticism.

I have a lot on my plate, and that plate was thrust in front of me as if I'm at a friends' relative's dinner and I'm not very hungry yet I feel obliged to partake in the meal.

So, I know all of you will understand. Keep listening to great music and keep visiting -- I won't forget about this place nor will I entirely stop updating.


st.fm owns

21 January 2009

smart thing

download an application for your iphone that tells you where police are on the roads so that you may speed while outside of such areas and slow down while inside of such areas

, and then use this application while driving your car.

This is genius. Genius.

I wonder if there is going to be an application that tells you not to look and read shit while driving a half ton chunk of metal going 70 miles an hour.

19 January 2009

Till The Old World's Blown Up And A New One Is Created

Collaboration between Christian Fennesz, Martin Brandlmayr and Werner Dafeldecker.

Rusty machine says "Damn -- part 1."
Stainless steel fruit says "Wow -- part 2."

multiple sorries and

I'm in my last semester of undergraduate school and the classes I am taking require quite the butt load of school work, so my posts will be spaced out much more.


I'm not going to feel that necessary 'change' has occurred in American society and government until the accepted sociological racial and economic subjugation of the poor are allowed to become and recognized as standing members of society fully and without prejudice.

The slums of America are at times as bad as the slums of war-torn nations of the third world.

This is one of the many problems facing the American people and government.

More personally, it will be quite the day when a president elect is sworn in not on an archaic tome that is the bible and I will fully rejoice when humanity begins to realize our own imaginative and extreme powers and not rely on heavenly outer dimensional beings.

11 January 2009

Plone - For Beginner Piano

An 80s Bond flick.

Neil Michael Hagerty - Neil Michael Hagerty

Cool rock 'n' roll stuff with some lo fi.

Grouper - Dragging A Dead Deer Up A Hill

Edit: Taken down per request.

Grouper - Way Their Crept

Edit: Taken down per request.

Raccoo-oo-oon - Raccoo-oo-oon

Bubba Gump Shrimp.

attention humans

My blog has recently struck the 10,000 unique view mark. To be accurate, it's at 10192 or so.

Thank you so much for enjoying this blog. It began as a little thingy to noodle with whenever I procrastinate homework or wake up in the morning and make myself some scrambled eggs, but apparently I'm actually doing something that people enjoy.

So, again, thanks so much for enjoying this blog of mine. I will try to continue providing as much as or more interesting music and things in the future to continue with the same activity that brought such enjoyment to this blog.