30 September 2008

23 September 2008

Frakkur - Pling Pong

(no album art)

Drips of water on paper.


Frakkur - Toyboy

(no album art)

Yes, pick up your toys.

But immediately throw them about.

Final Fantasy - Spectrum, 14th Century

(no album art)


And Pieces.

Jim O'Rourke and Toru Takemistsu - Corona - Tokyo Realization

Oscillations that slowly deteriorate set sparsely between spaces.


21 September 2008

Colleen - The Golden Morning Breaks

Smart girl.

Like velvet.

Frakkur - Songs for the Little Boy

I feel the same way as when I first listened to Sigur Ros--stunned by absolute beauty. I was quite exhilarated upon finding out that Jon put out a solo album, and even more so upon listening to it.

The rocks of the mountains cut the clouds into shapes.

I've done some listening and searching concerning Frakkur. Apparently, this music's origination on the internet is a mystery. There is no trace of Frakkur's work other than blogs here and there. After inquiring about the issue on the Sigur Ros message board, I found out the following information:
1.) Frakkur is, without a doubt, the same Jon from Sigur Ros.
2.) Since this music's existence is a mystery, album art is not known. The album art I used is the same album art mentioned in a last.fm post on this album's page. So, understand that this art is not the correct album art for this album.
3.) Complete names for every song on each album discovered (there are three in total) is not known. Some went as far as naming the songs themselves, which is a travesty in my eyes. However, the first five tracks on this album are without a doubt the correct titles. The names for tracks six through nine are not known. I suggest to keep them named as they are, simply the number of their corresponding track, for now, until new verifiable information is discovered.

For the other albums, which I may post quite soon, pending the state of the titles of their tracks, I may consider renaming each track to untitled, pending more verifiable information. This is up to you, but I thought that this information was quite necessary when downloading and listening to Frakkur.

Aside from that, this is the first time I didn't delete the music right off the bat upon seeing poorly titled songs, for the music is just too good for me to get rid of. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

20 September 2008

I Am Robot And Proud - The Electricity In Your House Wants To Sing

Don't neglect your appliances.

Take them for walks.

William Basinski - the Disintegration Loops II

Walk underneath the bright lights and, with eyes shut, feel their warmth.

Let it surround you.

18 September 2008

Fujiya & Miyagi - Lightbulbs

This album easily revamps the classic image of a moving road, one lane at a time, that comes to mind when listening to good Krautrock. I'm pleased to say that the actual quality of the songs, recording room wise, is outstanding, as well.

Fans of F & M will realize, by track two, that they've added quite the slew of electronic beats to their repertoire, but hopefully, just as I did, you'll enjoy the addition.

Highway (what else?)

Terry Riley - A Rainbow in Curved Air

A Rainbow in Curved Air surely makes me feel the world flow through my body. The music on this album carries with it such beauty that in attempting to explain it, the English language breaks down.

An ocean under my skin.

Die Like A Dog Quartet - Little Birds Have Fast Hearts No. 1

I don't usually listen to free jazz that often, but this album sparked my interest.


Loren Mazzacane Connors, Thurston Moore, Lee Ranaldo & Jean-Marc Montera - MMMR

It's Ranaldo and Moore.  Don't think; download.


Ratatat - LP3

Ratatat continues to reveal their extensive electronic talents with this wonderful album.


17 September 2008

Faded Paper Figures - Dynamo

A lot like The Postal Service, but different from The Postal Service.

Little bugs.

Eyvind Kang - The Story of Iceland

Eyvind Kang brings you the foggy valleys and dew covered grass in this appropriately titled album.

From the harbor to the hills.

Gang Gang Dance - Saint Dymphna

Noise that dances among painted trees.

Shme's me!

Zach Hill - Astrological Straits

Octopus Zach Hill makes traveling through time easy.

Puddle juice.