29 June 2009

Pixels are digitized representation of a small portion of reality, existing as a color created by a program that finds the correct color that goes with the corresponding six number and letter code.

Attempting to shape the world through these is futile. It is like trying to accurately explain taste through metaphor--although, with talent, one can nearly encompass the entirety of a taste, like a pixelated image, one can never fully reach its borders and trace such a taste verbatim.

After experiencing these past few days in 80% wilderness, I find reality nearly impossible for human beings to entirely explain. We'll come across highly accurate explanations of the slow path of giant cosmic behemoths, we'll enjoy reading a portrait of modern man. But we, humanity, will never fully understand anything.

Until our brains or senses, quite possibly both, advance to a higher stage of evolutionary development, our grasp of the universe will be a slippery one, as if our hands are drenched in the oils that our own bodies produce.

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