31 July 2009

13 July 2009

I realized that I enjoy writing letters to people. I enjoy making postcards out of cheap Walgreens/CVS/Target cardstock and mailing them to people. I enjoy these things because getting things in the mail will never be replaced by something else, that getting something in the mail is always a wonderful experience. Is it localized to "civilized" society? Maybe. All I know is that I enjoy getting things in the mail.

I do follow this blog, as you can see from recent posts. I check for new comments, I look at the blogs that I follow. I know people come here, be it for whatever reason, and I know some of those people enjoy the kinds of things that I enjoy. I'm slowly adapting to adultwhiteamericanmale society, and I'm beginning to understand how to entirely reject it.

So that's the reason for this post.

If you want me to mail you something, send an email to lookatyourshoe@yahoo.com with the subject as, but not necessarily limited to, "MAIL MAIL REQUEST." Yes, that's two "MAIL"'s. In the email itself, obviously include the address to which you'd like me to reply.

What I'll be sending is up in the air. If you're lucky enough for me to choose your address, if you're lucky enough to catch me just at the right time, you might get a 10 page diatribe on consciousness and how humans fail to adapt to their own concepts. If you catch me at another time, you might get a 5"x5" postcard with a doodle and a note.

Thanks and I'm looking forward to this little engagement of mine to you.
Where is literature going and why is it going in that direction?

Growing up I always felt detached from history, unable, at all, to become a part of it, that today is just today and it will not become history. History has already happened and it will not ever happen again. But I grew older and realized, in a very dramatic moment, that history never was, that human beings make it up because of our sense of time as linear. We are born, we do some things, and then we die. Some times these things are significant to other people, some times these things are significant to ourselves. Some times these things are both, or neither, but any way you approach it - any way you attempt to define it, to brush it up, to polish it, or to throw it away and destroy it - our conscious experience decays and no longer sustains itself. Our bodies continue to be, but only in many other forms: a rock, a baby bird, a fig tree, a gust of wind, a scientific experiment with magnesium, a foundation for a self built house. I realized that history is always occurring, that the word "history" itself is nothing but a human concept, that it is a word to describe the development of human beings with other human beings. "History" is human beings with other human beings.

Then what? Sociology, psychology, philosophy, architecture, science, literature, terrorism, etc. Tools, senses. Things to further our reach into the depth of the universe, into its crevices and around its edges. We're here, and we're here together.

Alright? Alright.

So, the development of literature is pushed by forces explained by some listed, some not. History books of the future will say that the popular opinion of the time, specific socioeconomic conditions shaped the prevalence of popular genres of literature in 2009. And here we are, blind to these forces because they don't really exist.
It's pretty weird that:

a.) as a child, I had to get glasses, in general, and being ridiculed for it
b.) having to worsen this situation because I had to choose from the "insurance" rack of styles, the styles for which insurance would either help to pay or pay entirely, which furthered the ridicule
c.) people today spend hundreds of dollars to achieve the "look" I was forced to have

10 July 2009

'sup, George W. "Big Brother" Bush

Gotta love extensive surveillance programs snooping American citizens enacted solely by their own president.

And while the public is just beginning to find out about this from mainstream media, the Obama administration continues many Bush administration surveillance programs.

01 July 2009

Media - especially the internet - further establishes just how real beginnings and ends are to human beings.

I can much more easily set up for myself a schedule that runs from the present moment to my very death; it makes life seem so fragile and temporary, and shows how desparate one can become in attempts to create a life one wants to live.
The argument set forth by big music corporate, "Every pirate would have paid for every file they illegally downloaded," is hogwash stupidity.