15 February 2009

Nels Cline - Coward

Don't know how many times I'll talk about it, but man, Nels Cline is awesome. His skills as a musician always surprise and astound me. Here's his most recent solo release from Feb. 10 of this year of our lord 2009.

Coward is an excellent example of a lovely marriage between jazz acoustic guitar and experimental/noise electronics. Although the acoustic guitar plays as the protagonist, the use of electronics is not easily overlooked. This shit rules.

EDIT: I've reuploaded the album. Sorry about the previous broken zip file!

Part 1. (Re-Uploaded)
Part 2. (Re-Uploaded)

Nels Cline & Devin Sarno - Rise Pumpkin Rise

Upon searching diligently for Buried on Bunker Hill by Nels Cline and Devin Sarno, I found out about this earlier recorded album by them that is also an awesome collaboration between two talented musicians from different backgrounds to create an awesome noise/experimental album.

EDIT/ADDITIONAL INFO: I found out that this album was a limited pressing in 1998. Boy, what I'd do to get my hands on this album.

Rise Pumpkin Rise.

13 February 2009

MGR - Nova Lux

Have I said I love solo albums? The idea that one guy sits down and builds an album on his own just makes an album more of an album, to me.

Nova Lux is a solo album by Mike Gallagher, a guitarist of Isis. Tiny Mix Tapes reviewed this album and says this about it:
As guitarist for the imposing doom metal outfit Isis, Mike Gallagher has developed a style characterized by dense, sustained textures coupled with a penchant for the subtle melodicism associated with the post-Sabbath riff. His solo project, MGR (the acronym for Mustard Gas and Roses, which Gallagher has borrowed from a line of Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse Five), is far from the drone/doom of his full-time job, however. Though more closely aligned with the post-rock of Tarentel, Labradford, Flying Saucer Attack, and the like, MGR’s debut full-length Nova Lux is an emotionally charged amalgamation of sounds that, much to its credit, refuses to fit neatly into any particular category.

Travel through the wires on an electric horse.

Predator Vision - II

Excellent jams. Thanks to Moral Adventure.

Brother, give me your Four-track Recorder.

Ecstatic Sunshine - Freckle Wars and Way

A few blogs have been uploading these guys' albums weirdly around the same time for no sound reason. Anyway, I found out about them recently and liked it a lot, so here you go.

Freckle Wars is just two guitars going nuts with one another, while Way sounds like it's by a completely different band whose style is much more electronic and ambient. Both albums rule.

Freckle Wars


The Gentleman Losers - The Gentleman Losers

Well executed electronic post-rock kind of stuff. A little less talented than the Mercury Program, but still around those lines. Thanks to Moral Adventure.


09 February 2009

Eric Copeland's Solo Material

I love solo albums, especially noise solo albums. Eric Copeland is one of today's leading artists of this genre, and I decided to take a short break from my school work and make a post in which all of his solo material is collected and is made available for download. Thanks to Exp Etc and CUM HORIZON for making available albums of his I did not know existed as well as albums that I just didn't have on my new computer I use more frequently for music related things:



Alien in a Garbage Dump

RGAG (no specific album art; was released as a limited CDr)

And Exp Etc has revealed another very limited and mysterious release by Copeland that was completely unknown to me and many others. I have yet to listen to it, but according to Exp Etc:
yeah, it's real. i've never seen one out. it's a lathe cut though, so you can't play it too much and it might be overplayed as is? also, it's harsh shit. totally rulin, but a heavy listen. Eric Copeland

I've yet to listen to it, but I'm pretty pumped and confident that it will rule ass as every other Copeland release does.

Catsup Plate Lathe Cut 12"

Enjoy, all.

08 February 2009

One life, one chance.

01 February 2009

video games are awesome

Three older albums you need.

Breaking from the posting of this blog for some time made me not only lose my connection with newer music but also rehashed my love for some older albums from years past. These are three I have been listening to for some time and I think that you should listen to them, and buy them, as well.

Hypermagic Mountain by Lightning Bolt

Ratatat by Ratatat

The Eraser by Thom Yorke

It took me forever to find a digital copy of this Ratatat album online, so please be thankful that I'm making it accessible to you folks.