11 June 2009

I've always thought it was miserable that we take the supposed best and brightest in society, charge them up to $60,000 a year in fees, then put them to work for four years on producing busywork that no one -- not them, not their profs, not other scholars -- actually wants to read. Might as well get them to spend four years carving detailed models of ships from sweet potatoes (and then bury the potatoes).
-Cory Doctorow
Quite right. This excerpt is from a blog post of his regarding the dispute between a programming student and his professor about his professor giving him a failing grade in the course for posting his program online for everyone else to read and learn from.

Here. Pretty cool stuff.


roberth said...

your sight is great!!!
i have downloaded almost everything
the nels cline was inspiring
because i saw him years ago
and had developed a thought that i didn't like him. and that was a useless thought as he is incredible.
robert horton
an aging madmen and musician

Anonymous said...

hey! excellent blog...it's nice to see someone who shares a common goal in music.



little girl - big world said...